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Procection methods

Methods of protection

Grounding - elimination of electric charges on spending elements of the equipment (devices, machines and the devices, being a source of intensive occurrence of charges of a static electricity, follows заземлять irrespective of grounding all technological circuit).

Increase in conductivity of dielectric (increase of ability to allocate accumulating charges). Electroconductivity of liquids can be increased introduction of antistatic additives.

Humidifying of air. At relative humidity of air of 70 % and more on materials enough of a moisture accumulates to prevent accumulation of a static electricity. High relative humidity of air can be supported by means of искпарения from greater surfaces of water, dispersion of water and release pair from atomizers.

Ionization of air. Saturation of air by positive and negative ions in places of generating and a congestion of electric charges.

Selection of contact pairs-selections the materials getting as a result of electrization categories of different polarity (for example, squares of plastics for floors are recommended to be selected from materials, electrized different signs and to have them in chessboard order). Change of modes of technological processes.

Change of modes of technological processes. Elimination or decrease in friction is reached by greasing, reduction of a roughness, reduction of the area of contact of rubbing surfaces; reduction of speeds of processing, transportation of materials, plum of a liquid, etc.

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